Introduced to the Atlanta Event Circuit as DJ Q-Tip. Q has made his mark in an age when being a DJ is as common as traffic in Los Angeles, gambling and debauchery in Las Vegas, and snow in New York.
Q has risen through the ranks to become an industry elite respected not only by industry peers but also by crowds all over the U.S. His talent, though, has not been an overnight success. He was inspired to become a DJ by radio-mix shows and a love for making people go crazy on the dance floor. Q discovered a love for Open Format on his first trip to the record store and has not looked back since.
He deejayed his first college party at the age of 18. He broke into the Atlanta club scene with the help of his good friend, DJ and Radio Jock, Greg Street. He started booking the hottest clubs, skating rinks, venues and festivals catching the attention of Atlanta, Vegas, Miami, and NYC’s most exclusive party promoters, as well as record label reps.
Before he knew it, he was playing for upscale crowds and celebrities. At the same time, he was hired for many out-of-town gigs which led him to tour with Malibu Rum. He did a two year mix show with V-103 on Greg Street’s 6pm show. He soon became the opening DJ for concerts and comedy shows. If you go to a club or beer festival to catch DJ Q-Tip spinning, you can be sure you will hear the best in Open-Format tracks that include Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae, 80's, R&B, Dance music, and much more. He is well known for his eclectic style. You never know what you will get, but you can bet it will be good. Expect big things to come from DJ Q-Tip.